Here at Causeway we're proud to offer a friendly, inclusive, and diverse environment for writers who enjoy community interaction and character development. That being said, we expect all members to be respectful of each other. Furthermore, any crossing of IC/OOC lines or god-modding will not be tolerated. If at any time you feel that someone is crossing these lines, please feel free to reach out to the mods via the member's page.

Your creativity will not be restricted in any way (ie. faux celeb & athletes are acceptable) as long as it stays within the realm of reality.

Be sure to fill out your application completely. Any incomplete application will be deleted. Examples should include 1 scene (with 5 or more replies from yourself) and 1 narrative. A biography blurb is required at the time of applying (name, age, occupation at the very least). You will be asked to post an introduction by the following adds cycle after you've been accepted and submitted to the activity tracker.

Usernames must reflect your character's name in some way. Please do not use underscores, numbers or extra characters.

PBs should be easily found via google search. All PBs must be 18 or older. Characters must also be 18 or older. Please keep your character's age within 5 years of your PB's age. Diversity of ethnicity is encouraged.

Friends only and ooc/screened posts must be post-dated at the time of application. Please do not use the "no embed" code in your userprofile and ensure your friends list is cleared.

Activity will be tracked via the activity tracker. Be mindful of cut-off times to meet activity. The activity cycle runs from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. We will process removals on the last day of the month. Members are asked for two (2) posts every cycle:

Abandoned interactive posts will not be accepted, you must reply to your comments.

Narratives are encouraged but not required. Narratives should be a minimum of 250 words.

At this time we are not accepting threads/scenes for activity.

Members joining after the 15th of the month are required only one (1) post and introductions will count toward your activity.

You will not be censored, but please place sensitive material behind a cut and label it appropriately. Mature subjects should be treated with care only after doing proper research.

If you need a hiatus, please comment the activity tracker. Hiatuses will be given for one (1) week with a single extension of one (1) week if necessary. Upon returning from hiatus you must provide an update within one (1) week of your return. Regardless of hiatus, members are expected to meet all monthly activity requirements.

Activity extensions may be granted on a case by case basis, please comment the activity tracker with your request.

Removals are processed on the last day of every month. Be mindful of cut-off times and submitting your entries to the activity tracker in a timely fashion. Those who fail to submit their posts, complete their requirements, or abandon posts will be removed.

If you are removed for inactivity, you must link us to your missing post at the time of your application. Abandoned posts will not be accepted.

We also monitor friends lists that should be kept up to date (no more than 3 adds cycles behind), failure to do so will also result in removal from the community.

Guidelines are subject to change. Members will be notified if changes occur.